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“At least we don’t have to wear pants”

— literally everyone right now

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Oh hello!

I'm Tony Gentilcore, certified strength & conditioning coach, writer, and lover of deadlifts (and cheese).

I helped co-found Cressey Sports Performance back in 2007 where I was a coach until 2015. I now train people out of my small studio in Boston, MA where I help clients/athletes get stronger, move better, and develop a better appreciate of techno and Wu-Tang Clan.

I've been coaching people both in person and online since 2002. Well, technically, the online coaching didn't start till 2006 - with an Excel spreadsheet, digital camera, and a lot of pounding my head into brick walls from 30+ minute upload times.

Thankfully technology has made training people online much more seamless since then.

But wait, there's more

What is this?

CORE @ Home is for those who are looking for direction and accountability using minimal equipment

What you get

  1. Easy access to THREE efficient (and safe) workouts per week you can perform in the comfort of your own home (pants optional).
  2. Well designed programs written by a coach with 18+ years experience working with everyone from professional athletes to regular people looking to work hard. The only demographic I haven't worked with are ninjas.
  3. Each workout is divided into THREE parts: Athlete - Build - Condition.
  4. Detailed explanations, exercise cues, and regressions/progressions.
  5. Hell, maybe even the occasional movie review or 90's hip-hop classic playing in the background.